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Groups IOS app

Are there groups in the iPhone app? I’ve seen a lot of discussion about groups. I’m guessing this is only available for the blessed users of the android app version, because I’ve never seen it on the iPhone app. Perhaps groups are a part of the messaging? (Another thing us poor iPhone app users don’t have. 😥) Where’s the love? 😂😂😂

3/29/2019 10:47:05 PM


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Guess that's what you get for buying Apple products. :> In all seriousness, and because it has been asked earlier, slow app review process and unclear reasons for app update rejections have always been a plague that iOS devs are suffering from. My guess is that SL has always been trying to get the new update approved, but is still stuck for one of the reasons above.


Jaedon Person - I don’t actually know what a “group” is - I’ve just seen it mentioned several times, most recently in a question that Sonic posted an answer to.


Diego - more things I didn’t know were missing! 😱


Diego - we do have activity feed now 😅


Thank you Hatsy Rei for the thorough explanation. That definitely makes sense. Apple loves control.


Candyopoly There's a whole new world on Android. It's like using another app.


Sadly there aren't. Being on iOS means no messages, no groups and no activity feed.


Candyopoly But we can't neither post nor see others' posts.


Jaedon Person yes it's like a chat room where a group of Sololearners can chat or hangout. People discuss anything from coding to challenges and what not. Often the discussion can be informal and not subject to strict programming-related rules. But common decency and anti-spamming are still informally enforced by group members. I think it makes Sololearn another form of Social media for the programming community.


Does anyone know why it's harder for SL to add messaging in IOS?


is this a group chatting service or what


Sadly if one is on a ios not android you need to make a private code and direct the party there via the comment section...


Jaedon Person there is a group/single chatting service for Android users. It sucks that IOS don't have one yet. Candyopoly - I actually messaged you a week ago but now I've realized that you can't actually see it, due to yourself having IOS 😂


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