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How to write "clean" code on React / Angular / Vue?

A lot has been said about how to write clean code in Java, C#, C++... We know about SOLID, DRY, KISS and the like... Give some recommendations to a novice front-end developer, please.

3/29/2019 7:57:09 AM

rudolph flash

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hi, i work with angular, and i think these theories are absolutely ok for frontend development in angular. you can apply almost all design patterns if needed. but there are some other concepts you should consider: - separate functional (smart) components and representational components (view layer). - do not overengineer things - in frontend dev it's more important - consider the law of demeter - always look for native browser functionality - you can save a lot of time and effort and have better performance with native solutions. hope this few info is enough to start but feel free to ask:)


It will be useful 😃