Journey of a quiz or assignment/lesson....

My simple question is that when a solo learner posts any quiz or lesson/assignment then what happened inside from posted to accepted or declined.what happens to them in this journey?

3/29/2019 3:07:40 AM

Md Sharique

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Ordinary users and some moderators review your quizzes. Ultimate acceptance/rejection of your quiz depends on the number of upvotes/downvotes I think.


when lessons, assignment, quiz approved.- In lesson If approved: 1. Your suggest approved. 2. post in public. If declined: 1. Your suggest was declined. In quiz// Approved :- Your suggest quiz was approved. Declined.l:- Your suggest quiz was declined. They got many time for approving. 2 month / week. when quiz or lesson / assignment - approved / declined we see in notification. SoloLearn / mods can change some lines in assignment / lesson.


They might take week or month to review your quiz if it is approved or decline a notification will be send to you (the quiz creator)