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Issue at ES6

Hi Friends! Does anyone is having issues at ES6 regarding saving or keeping your progress? For the second time today, I have accomplished the whole training at ES6 then the page certificate doesn't load it and after that, my progress simply erased like if I never had done. Just to clarify, I am using the ethernet cable and my network is fiber. And the first time this issue occurred at Safari. So I've switched to Google Chrome and it happened again. For the 3rd time, I will try again but I am quite concern if this issue will occur again. If is there anyone having the same problem, or have any idea what could be and how to solve that, please let me know. Thank you very much for you attention. André

3/26/2019 1:13:26 AM

André A. Delegredo

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Try emailing SoloLearn about it. It is an annoying issue that hits everyday. Due to the popularity, it really slows down the servers, that causes the lie that is: "No Internet Try Again". It nearly happened to me. I didn't get my certificate till a week later. You spend 5 minutes making a code but 10 minutes saving it. Although I have noticed a pattern that the bug is mostly ineffective for me in the morning (for some reason) Good luck and I hope you get the certificate!


Hi Friend! Thank you very much for your reply. I sent an email to them and hopefully they will fix this issue. Cheers, André