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mfd questions

What happens when a mod tags any question to be mfd. I know that it means "Mark for deletion". But why don't mods delete that question right away? My assumption is that because they don't have the privilege to delete questions. So my question is what exactly happens when any question is mfd? Does it start a timer after which the question will be deleted? Or does someone from Sololearn itself delete that manually?

3/23/2019 9:07:21 AM


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Threads "marked for deletion" are, well, marked for deletion and will be removed after 24 hours. We give this period of time for thread OP to take note of our warnings, if any, and make corrective actions themselves. We can remove posts, but it is only logical to inform learners of the guidelines and the improvements which can be adopted in future to prevent similar issues, instead of removing the thread straight away. In fact, I can demonstrate that privilege on this thread, if you'd let me. That wouldn't be too nice, though, would it. :>


Hatsy Rei what if someone marked their own question with an mfd tag (e.g. if Zlytherin had used the mfd tag to indicate that his question is about mfd)? Will the question get automatically deleted after 24 hrs?


Puthur Harthik Yes, you have the technology to edit the mfd tag after posting it. If a moderator has placed the mfd tag on your question, you should not remove it without improving the quality of your question so that it complies with SoloLearn policies and letting that moderator know that you have done so. You can tell which moderator edited your question because it will say in fine print which moderator did so. Those who remove the mfd tag from their question without following procedure risk having that action be interpreted as insubordination.


Sonic As Emoji FanBoy indicated (from personal experience?), yes.


🤔 I thought I vaguely remembered that experiment. 🤓


Janning⭐ ,Hatsy Rei, ~ swim ~ can we remove that tag by editing. I mean we can edit the question after posting it also then if we see mfd tag can we remove only that tag by editing without disturbing remaing question so as to make it look same as it is before mfd tag.


Janning⭐ Yes, it's personal experience. 😎 I asked about a question about mfd tag and tagged it with mfd. Though I had some hint that it would be deleted, I knew my question was going to be answered before deletion. (And it did.😋)


Hmm so mfd post removal is automatic? Cool I thought plat mods check from time to time whether there are any mfd questions that are more than 24h old!


I think, moderator waits the spammer to see the answer by him/her.


In addition, it isn't necessary for mfd tag to be added by only mod, everyone who can edit the tags (OP + mods) can add it to their question and see their question inexistent after 24 hours😉


Good finding about deletions. (mfd) - do the questions get Deleted within 24 hours / automatically. As codes get deleted. Thanks. 😑 😒👍🤗


Wich kind of tag let the question to be mfd ?