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What is alt from <img src="" alt="" /> for??

3/22/2019 8:32:03 PM


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Alt Stands For (Alternative) Which Is Used For Showing The Text Inside Alt Whenever Your Image Fails To Load!!! Keep Practicing!!!🌹🤗 Good Luck!!!🌷👍😊✌🌷


v0lt Hey, alt stands for alternative. Could be used as image description for example 🙂


It’s alternate text to display in the event the image being used doesn’t show, or takes a while to load.


Alt is the short form of 'alternative'. This attribute is used in <img> tag, not in <link> tag. It represents an alternative text for image. Suppose your image hasn't load for invalid image path or bad network connection, then the alternative text will display in place of that image. It is good practice to use something related to the image as an alternative text.



Alt (Alternative) este es un atributo que se usa para que cuando la imagen no carga salga ese texto que describa que hay en la imagen o de que es 👍💻🙋😀