How to begin to learn Machine Learning?

I wish to learn Machine Learning. Can somebody tell me where should I begin?

3/22/2019 1:40:08 AM

Victor Lantigua

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That might help you ;) I put links to online courses which in my opinion are worthwhile: https://code.sololearn.com/W2nvcMqTRi4q/?ref=app


I asked this question to my favorite moderator Kuba Siekierzyński and he suggested me Andrew NG's course on Coursera. I would also like to recommend you that course. It is the best course on Machine Learning I have seen.


My humble opinion in some lines, is first try to learn well a programming language for machine learning. Python is great choice, java too , and i would say javascript or c++ also but not much as 2 first. While you learn the basics of your chosen language, you can study the literature about machine learning. I remind that machine learning has many directions, its like a tree with branches. You have to choose what you need or like. (For example a simple bot which answers some simple questions is A.I and is machine learning too.) So learn well fist a language and then think about your project and what you will do.


I believe online courses might help like Udacity and so...just google search, they are quite enough. Going for the books as a first choice if you are a beginner might be intimidating especially if you are not math or statistics guy. Moreover, you need to sharpen your skills on statistics, probability, linear algebra and calculus. https://www.packtpub.com They have cool books there with less jargon terms. Search for machine learning books.


What about https://www.sololearn.com/learn/714/?ref=app and then move on to other resources mentioned?


Start with Tensor Flow


It will be better if you clear your concept of data analytics and a little bit of maths before trying different Machine learning course


Before starting with any machine learning courses though, you need to have a good enough understanding of python (most used language for ML). Having knowledge of linear algebra is also extremely beneficial though not required. Get some experience with numpy and pandas and MATLAB, you will come across these a lot in machine learning... This will give you a solid foundation. Then, I think you will be ready to take on any ML course, personally I would recommend going over some book (Hands-on machine learning with Scikit-learn and Tensorflow by Aurelion Geron is supercool). Or just take the machine learning course for free on Udacity... nanodegree there is better. If you just do this, you will know for yourself what to do next... :) Good Luck and Have Fun Learning ML!!


well before beginning how to learn Machine it is very much important to know what are the topics which is the basic in Machine Learning. Before Enrolling for any course we should first build the basic of Probability and Statistics, Data Modelling, Signal Processing. When you have the required knowledge you should Join Best Institute for Machine Learning through which you can acquire all the knowledge of Machine Learning. You can also see some online Courses but It won't be as effective and valuable like Classroom Courses. http://www.cetpainfotech.com/technology/machine-learning


there are many courses out there you can take, but before you go course hunting make sure you know the math and concepts behinde what you’re trying to learn!


I recommend you taking courses on cousera and Udacity by the way I am also on my journey to becoming a data Scientist


i recommend you first learn python and learn basics of machine learning to understand it properly and then you can work with deep learning. source - 1)solo learn for python amd basics of machine learning . 2) course era(course by andrew ng) https://www.coursera.org/learn/introduction-tensorflow