How can i fix my wifi connection?

My laptop's network card has been disconnected and when i ping it , it dosen't find it Shoud i reinstall the drives again? If yes how shoud i do this?

3/21/2019 9:38:26 PM

Shima Mahinnezhad

2 Answers

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Depending on Operating System, Windows i assume as most common try troubleshooter. Go to network settings run troubleshooter and still if it doesn't work, disable the network card and then enable it to check if it works.


Still if doesn't work, look for the available wireless network connections if your WiFi name is displayed in the list, disconnect and try reconnecting or try forget network option and re-enter password to connect, if still doesn't connect, contact me for setting up your WiFi, problem could be with your Network Card Unit as well, to diagnose the problem is more essential