In JavaScript? Why Str and Int confusion?

When I try document.write(“2” + “2”); It outputs 4 Why?? Same... var int = 3; var str = “hiya”; document.write(int * str); Why doesn’t it output hiyahiyahiya But instead gives me NaN?

3/21/2019 7:01:07 PM

Brave Tea

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i don't really now this, but it seems that js converts the strings to int, if you multiply them, and returns them as int. When the result can't be an int, it will become NaN tests: document.write(2*3); //6 document.write("\n"); document.write(2*"3"); //6 document.write("\n"); document.write("2"*3); //6 document.write("\n"); document.write("2"*"3"); //6 document.write("\n"); document.write("hi"*3); //NaN document.write("\n"); document.write("hi"*"3"); //NaN document.write("\n"); document.write(3*"hi"); //NaN document.write("\n"); document.write("3"*"hi"); //NaN document.write("\n");


sorry I made a mistake in my first bit. document.write(“2” * “3”); outputs 6 and I dont understand why


why is int an invalid variable? is int forbidden? see this code as a similar example: var test1 = 3; var test2 = "hiya"; document.write(test1 * test2); //output NaN


://First of all document.write("2"+"2") output is not "4", it is 22 because they are between quotes, which makes them string ://Second var int is invalid variable, you don't need describe in int, str for numbers and strings