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Choose the right side, Save the coding community.

Hey there fellow learners!, It's an important event going on in this world on YouTube. You guessed right.It's the online battle going on between the king of YouTube, i.e. PewDiePie and T series corp. Whole YouTube world is working hard to support their favoured YouTuber in the life-or-death battle for title of the most subscribed YouTube channel. Do not just ignore this post. THIS IS GOING TO DECIDE THE FATE OF UPCOMING CODERS. T series, one of the greatest music distributors of the world, is currently the 2nd most subscribed channel. Being a corporation it has a large number of resources. On the other ✋, PewDiePie, is an individual who started on his own. He is a gamer, comedian, good human. Now, after some years, being an individual, and a multimillionaire corp. is at the top, one would feel discouraged. Individuals won't post with enthusiasm now. Now, many of us learnt coding from YouTube. If this happens, YouTube will close and people won't learn coding as easily as today. So, subscribe to PewDiePie

3/20/2019 4:46:23 PM

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