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Reports on SoloLearn

Is there any way I can know the status of my reports, like when I report any comment or any question, Can I know whether the report was accepted and post was deleted or the report was rejected?

3/20/2019 5:49:09 AM


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Hi Zlytherin If you use the report function it goes directly to SoloLearn. We moderators dont see it and some SL employee acts on it directly and might contact you about it. The moderators use Kuba's thread where if you report it there someone will take action.


Nice question.


Ipang Thanks for your valuable response.


Louis Ohh, Thanks, it was helpful!


Thanks Lord Krishna


Zlytherin Please wait for a moderator to voice an opinion over this, because they supposedly know about that better, I was expressing my personal experience only 👍


You can use modbot on discord. It has the ability to notify you about changes reported to it. Just what you are asking about.


In the past, I get an e-mail from SoloLearn in response to a report I filed upon something. And usually it came along with an action taken on the offensive thread or comments (sometimes account). I guess they still do that but probably it takes more time these days because now SoloLearn users count has increased largely, might that mean they're dealing with more such a report. I hope I correctly understood your actual reference for "reports" here ... don't mind otherwise. (Edit) Tag "SoloLearn" otherwise this may be taken as off-topic ... Thanks ...


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