I started to learn SQL and..

I have a question: I'm learning SQL here in SoloLearn but I'm also watching some YouTube videos about SQL. The channels name is Socratica and she uses PostgreeSQL to teach. I wanna know if some concepts can change between the videos and the explanations of Solo Learn.

3/18/2019 9:08:52 PM


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There shouldn't be any major differences between the syntax, at least on the query level: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/features.html Personally, I stumbled upon Postgresql relatively recently. What I like the most is jsonb, specific to Postgresql. I like the syntax and how easily I can query the JSON entries thanks to it :)


Each database engine has its own flavour or 'dialect' of SQL. The basic stuff should be the same across all platforms though. Some of the major differences: - scripting syntax for writing stored procedures - how NULL is treated - select from nothing - more complicated join types, e.g. outer (left/right) joins have some proprietary syntax in Oracle and MSsql, and mysql does not support full outer join.. - hierarchical queries Anyway PostgreSQL is perfectly fine for learning, and if you got the basics, it is not too difficult to research db-specific variations from documentation, if you need to switch to another engine.


Both are same.Continue learning .Solo learn will be the best choice.


They are the same just make sure you are on path ok


good.this is the place where u can learn most of things in parallel