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strings match?

hi, just asking: how can I check if the content of two string is identical? like a password checker or something like that.(C#) thank you.

3/17/2019 6:48:38 PM

Fabrizio Piperno

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You can use "Equals" method to check if strings are equal or not. You can see my example code. You can find more info about "Equals" method here: Hope it helps you.


//Using conditional like following int pass1=1234; int pass2=1234; if (pass1 == pass2){ Console.WriteLine("password marched"); }else{ Console.WriteLine("Not matched"); }


Fabrizio Piperno, if you need user input use for example => string mystr = Console.ReadLine();


ok, and if i want to get the user input?


Thank You❤️


Fabrizio Piperno , you are welcome 😉