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Visual Studio Crashing

I recently disabled some options in Visual Studio to speed performance. It worked quite well but there is one issue remaining. That is when I load something (start-up, creating a project etc) it crashes. It is unbelievably slow and crashes all the time. Code::Blocks works almost perfect but Visual Studio literally takes 8 seconds to close the window (and crashes again). Any tips on how to fix? I have Windows 10 HP 64bit and Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition

3/17/2019 3:30:36 PM

Clueless Coder

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I also use Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition but when it stop responding I wait for some time and it responds again and starts working again.


Try to be patient or reinstall it and use it the old way also make sure you have enough space on your PC or just change your IDE and copy your all your project file from VS to it ok