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Is it possible to write a script to enable data sharing between two iWork applications?

Hey everybody, I have another question... One which I have been puzzling over for the longest time. I'm a power user of Pages and Numbers on Mac, and I keep a number of highly sensitive offline databases in Numbers. However, I want to be able to auto-populate fields in Pages from Numbers. (This is used for printing certificates, so data would be a name field, a code field, and a certificate number field.) The way I currently do this is manually copy and paste info from the Numbers spreadsheet to the certificate in Pages, but I'm just wondering if it's possible to make some sort of script that would auto populate the certificate fields with the correct data from Numbers, and thus save me hours of time? Thanks everybody, and looking forward to hearing suggestions and/or answers.

3/17/2019 2:08:11 AM

Anthony Quick

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Inside this app they already do exactly what you are asking but the software configuration is your tech side...


BroFarOps©®️™️the 🐱 hmm that's interesting. Works great on the web, but how would I implement this on an offline device connecting the two applications bro? My head is still spinning...😅


Yes... Just as this code finds the profile and fills in the data - Going a step further move to a certificate format... Print it off and sign... your profile id is 8887370


BroFarOps©®️™️the 🐱 but firebase requires internet connection, right? Like the device I'm using for this super sensitive data is in lock down, with no type of internet connections allowed for safety reasons. That's kind of why I was looking to a natural Mac language to cut out the need for a web connection. Maybe I'm just missing something though? 😅


Next step is to configure for a 3" disc to work with offline...


You would have to align and configure for your database/s utilizing firebase to implement.


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