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Gui vs Console

When I started learning to code, I was so much obsessed with coding nice and flashy gui programs. Interestingly, as I gain knowledge to do so I find myself falling deeper in love with console and command line programs even though I can now code gui ones. I just want to see what a program does rather than flashy colors over the screen plus inputting commands to a program gives me the sense of control over it since I have to fully understand it's usage unlike GUI ones where nice looking graphics guide you. Is this trend a common thing out there or is it just my style and taste?

3/16/2019 4:58:16 AM

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Well both definitely has their benefits. But yes, with Console applications it's easier to quickly view a value. Whilst in a GUI you need to add a new component, and if there's too much to show, it starts becoming big. But you can also just use both. As you usually have a console in your IDE. So you can use GUI to design and show something presentable, and then you can use the Console to debug and more.


True that Monical ...heading for pro...👏👏😁


It is a common trait amongst professional programmers, hence the popularity of using linux and its bash command line