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Is it just me? (SoloBug)

From the past few weeks, I've noticed unusual behavior here. The people I was following earlier were not being followed by me anymore but I never unfollowed them. I am following quite a lot of people too, so it may be that SoloLearn has put a limit to how many people one can follow and it automatically unfollows the early following when new people are followed. (This is one theory but seems unlikely.) Anyone else who has been in a similar situation? It feels kind of like paranoia.

3/15/2019 10:30:39 AM


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When someone blocks your profile then that person automatically gets unfollowed. Other than that there is no other way we know of when a user's follower list can be modified by others. This might also happen if the account is deleted. Regarding how many we can follow, if you hit the limit of maximum no. of peope to follow then you will get a message "cant add more people". We dont know for sure what's the limit but speculations are around 1000. I dont know of any case where Sololearn modified someones follower list. You can still do a enquiry regarding this by mailing at [email protected]


I have not yet had a problem like this so far. please inform this


I don’t think I have this problem but you can contact SoloLearn ([email protected]) if this still continues.


⚜️JTLZ⚜️[#Never Give Up!] Yeah, will need to be more observant from now on. For now, I won't do anything.


Morpheus The number was quite large so there is no doubt that so many people had blocked and then unblocked me. Regarding the message, I didn't receive any. I can easily add new followers.


Kainatic then I think you can follow more people. Yup I also think that since you follow so many people that's y it would have happened. I personally never experienced this because I follow few people.


Never experienced!! ⚜️JTLZ⚜️[#Never Give Up!] Is right Contact them