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Any solution for these Solo bugs??

I am here for about 2 or 3 months and facing many bugs which should be solved as soon as possible... The problem which I hate the most is connection issue. Such times I just face that problem...Even yesterday I was designing my code , when I completed the code I just saved that but because of connection problem that could not be saved. I wrote the full code again then. Else, Many times I am not able to even open anyone's profile such as JeMa ^_^ 🇨🇩 .... Pls give us an big update...

3/15/2019 10:10:11 AM


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I agree i hope they fix the server problem soon, beacuse trying to compile and save in non web is a battle 😅,


it's kind of hard to like or even comment for me, because if I leave a comment on a post or like, I found out that connection error is not making it register on there DB edited: ShortCode i often use an offline compiler to write my codes before I paste it on SoloLearn, so that I won't have to write my code twice


I have several plans but sololearn makes me dummy I really depressed now it's not single bugs it's 😔


For now: Save the code into your local device and copy paste that code into SL (to save) So, if no connection occurs you will not lose your code


Okay.... Thanks to all who answered my question....😊😊😆


Anonymous 🇮🇳 It occurred to me see yersterday What I did was Make code halfway and luckily it saved Today I've completed it and it successfully saved For the profile issue I recommend you check your connections strength


I am happy to know that not only a few people get disturbed by this issue


I thought it took a long time to open JeMa's profile because of the XP itself to be count. I always copy the code before saving it, making sure I don't need to write it twice.


A solution can be separate playground, posts, profiles and q/a in differ3nt servers?


I wish SoloLearn grow more and more to have condition of get better servers.


Here solo is always fixing this problem with server but you could use chrome for better network connectivity


With the app at least, you don't lose your code work if you get "no connection" while saving. You just have to keep trying until it does save. Now comments and upvotes on the app are a different story. With them the "no connection" bug is quite annoying. You pretty much have to wait after each comment and upvote to see if it goes through or not. I got in the habit of selecting my comment text, if it is a long comment, and copying it in case it doesn't go through because I got tired of re-typing the same comment mutiple times.


Dark Code Cat I experience that problem too, but only with profiles like Jema's and Brofarops'. It's not about connection because I can see your profile in an instant for example.




Bro I was doing a challenge answered all questions,they loaded slowly,it still shows my turn and says I timed out a question