A.I. and machine learning

I’m trying to make an artificial intelligence with the program that self modify. Every time I restart the program, it returns like the original. How can I make it self modify permanently?

3/15/2019 6:25:15 AM

Ferrini Elia

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You can actually write scripts to compile code and execute the resulting executable. The resulting executable can then edit its own source code, and trigger the script before terminating itself.


As Brent said, use database or read from files and update file content every time it learns and corrects itself.


Don't exit the program, or use a database to store your data which is retrieved and then used to get back to the point you were when you last saved it.


I recommend using google cloud API platform it will be very easy has you can add even more API to your program https://www.codelab.com


thanks to everybody


I don't have much knowledge of this, so I was going to say maybe the program is not artificially intelligent enough, but I don't think it's helpful to you.



You can use some kind of "Add-In" concept. A container which has a simple logic to load and unload Add-Ins. But Add-In contains the A.I. itself.