Epic! Win 50 challenge in a row using one weapon.

Hi, I have a question about this badge. Suppose that i win 50 challenges in html. Then i draw 15 challenges in html. And then i win 30 challenges in html. Here i win 50 challenges in html in a row but i draw some challenges in this row. Can i get the badge for this???

3/13/2019 5:23:26 PM

Asmit Das Joy

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Nope. Win counts only winning matches and not the draw ones.


Its the worst situation, That you are collecting wins and after 30 or 40 - bang. ,DRAW And you have to start again...


No draws, only wins.... That’s seems really difficult for me in html. Because I always have draws in HTML.😢


True unfortunately! Before I finally made it, I had to work up again from the bottom twice because after getting to about 40+ I suffered one little draw.


Nope you must win straight 50 no draw or loses and for my suggestion I think it would be even harder to do that with html since there are more user who have master Html challenges I recommend choosing another weapon for that


No! This is really sad If you won 40 challenges in a row and a superior man comes and destroy your all practice😩😩


Your question wasn't clear to me. If you won 50 html challenges in a row with no draws, you would definitely get the epic badge. Did you mean win 20, draw 15, then win 30 in the question?


How would one guide the probability towards getting a winning streak of 50 challenges in a row? My guess is that you pick a weapon you have a certificate in and thereby the most experience -most likely html while although a popular language to study its answers are more readily memorized and less likely to time out on, change manage weapons menu to switch off accepting challenges to all other weapons besides your weapon of choice, never select random opponent while challenging, be careful to not hit the back button if using a phone which causes a time out on a round, dedicate hours each day to challenges free from distractions, always decline challenges from upper level users during the marathon as they will likely result in a draw, only challenge users level 5 and lower and at that scope out their profile beforehand to size up how much xp in a certificate progress, how many challenger % points they have earned and to if to risk a rematch after a 5:4. All in all, challenge beginners to help them learn.


There are two things here Draw and Win The badge says Win 50 challenges using one weapon Not win or draw 50 challenges using one weapon


//I know how to make it happen// First Make a fake account Then invite your self 50 matches with 0:0 <!-- You'll become Epic -->


You have to win all 50 challenges in a row using one weapon. No draw No lose No win or lose with other weapons between it


You need to win 50 times in a row, no draw no loses :)


I did it in Python. When I knew enough to win 4 of 5, I chose only the weakest opponents (I think level 3 tops). Obviously you'll get a lot of declines and expires. And it's still not safe, because sometimes you get unlucky and only manage 3 of 5, while the opponent made 3 as well (they are not necessarily beginners even if the level is low). So I had to climb up 3 times until I finally made it and probably played... yeah, a few hundred challenges.


no its impossible


I really think this badge should be 50 perfect 5/5's in a row with one weapon. Getting a draw while scoring 5/5 is different than 4:4 in my opinion. You didn't mess up, it's just the other guy didn't mess up either, and it's not like chess where you can make your opponent mess up. The way the current badge is set up requires a lot of luck.