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if feel like code play ground is good for demonstrating web applications but it doesn't work well with other applications such console based applications especial if they require multiple user input. Solo Learn should work on improving this...

1/15/2017 12:56:24 PM


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Exactly. :>


You know it is not easy, because the code runs on a computer and allocates memory. The Run sends the code, it is being compiled and runned with a timout to prevent too many codes/programs running in the same time. Waiting for the inputs runtime will cause the program to stop, stay in memory until next input does not arrive via internet connection, and continue then. This also means, that the timeout should be removed for waiting, risking the mass increase of running codes on the executor computer. Sounds good and better for console based demonstration, but for much memory price on the side of SoloLearn hardware. Sending the input with the code is by far the simplest way to solve this and avoid waiting.