Should sololearn have lessons about operating systems and networking?

I have spent my career working mostly as an app and services developer on windows and I am learning networking and Linux at the moment as my company embraced devops and being just a dev is not enough anymore. I think it would be nice to have a basic lesson(s) about unix/linux here on sololearn too, we already have the c language course which is great. I feel that having a basic understanding of the main os and networking in addition to practicing coding skills would be beneficial for everyone

3/6/2019 4:59:04 PM

wave rider

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//Hey wave rider Currently it's not available on sololearn. You can use external resources for now, And try to submit lesson about it. :)


Bash lessons would be very useful.


Please, do it 🙏


Short answer: No, but bash lessons would be very helpful. Long answer: One of the best ways to learn how to use Linux is to start with a beginner-unfriendly distro like Arch Linux or even Gentoo, and to push yourself through it through it, installing it and fully setting it up on a system. End result is someone who has a decently deep understanding of GNU/Linux, and can blow people away with 'terminal skills'. If someone truly wants to learn how to use GNU/Linux, they should just download a tough distro and grind a day at it. Basically, I believe that learning GNU/Linux should be hands-on, and it should be as quick as jumping into cold water and trying to warm yourself up through swimming.


https://code.sololearn.com/WD4G7doO6LFN/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/W0CEMVvBDW07/?ref=app


There must be lesson of military defence nuclear codes and ias officers ... Kids app


thank you Shudarshan Rai 👑 I will submit it when it is ready


Yes .... we really need it 😇


Definitely yes. Servers and platforms, also


that's a good idea


Yes I would love that!


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If the systems we use to code operate with (operating system) then it will be vital for us to have knowledge about it


yes , bash and shell scripts should be learned everywhere , because first: it is basic and easy to understand second : it's the base to learn networking and system it will be perfect if sololearn can offer us lessons or courses


This is a very genuine and valid suggestion of which I do propose that you give lessons about it since in sololearn we have no such course. Thanks


It is good for lessons of these quality


Yes, would be also great to have lessons about computer architecture! (Assembly coding would be great as well)


The course isn't here, it must be included. Programmers must know about at least about their OS. It may help out for people who are new to these. Since the course isn't available you can try resources available on platforms like youtube and google. Youtube is the Best because people teach you for free and effectively.