Sololearn vs W3schools

Which app is better and why??

3/3/2019 9:34:07 AM


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Both are good and there are many people n sololearn who had taken benefits of w3 schools. The main difference is that sololearn is an online community driven platform with some awesome courses designed especially for beginners. w3schools has in-depth tutorials with exercises for each lesson. My suggestion is to try both of them


Sololearn is best Bcz you can ask any coding related question whenever you found any difficulty And it is an online community But i also suggest you to use both


Dark Code Cat sololearn is best beacause sololearn organize many new things like contest challenges to improve your coding skills also you can ask your coding related questions You can also share your coding related tips and there are also much more things on sololearn to do. I think you can't find the app or website which is better then sololearn


Sololearn has a few more languages I think and a more game-like experience and a community.


I think sololearn won😊


W3SCHOOL is great as a starting point, and sololearn is great for engaging with the issue


Both are best platform for us , keep learning💐


W3school is like a dictionary SoloLearn is like a Exercise book Compare it like this...😂


I think that we haven't to compare them. 'cause they haven't the same learning methods. -W3S is based on learning sequentially like a full and clear documentation. -SoloLearn is based on interactive and community learning. For that we have to use both to improve yourself. Since it's two differents methods.


I use sololearn first time to learn html, css and javascript. Sololearn is best for me. In w3school there are less language for learn. But in sololearn there are many language for learn.


Solo learn is interactive thus perfect for beginners.


Tod Really nice 🌹🌹