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Must know languages?

Is there any language that is a must know?

3/2/2019 2:58:18 AM

Joseph Ojo

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hi Femi Ojo a programmer doesn’t have to know the most basic language however it usauly helps for learning other languages. does this answer your question?


at least English I would suppose


No, probably not. IMO, there is no lanuage which is a ‘must know’ for me.


So you’re asking how to learn a language? I’m still a bit confused.



Depends what you want to make. For web development: HTML. For Android or Windows applications: Java. For iOS apps: Swift.


Rowsej that's not what I mean, I was talking with someone sometimes ago, and I said I don't know the first thing about a particular language and the person kinda made me felt embarrassed, not sure if you get my angle now


let's assume HTML is the most basic Language, does a programmer (learning/established) have to be able to write in that language


For web you need HTML, CSS and JavaScript If others try Java, Python or others It depends on what you like


From my sight it is not need Your code will sent what you want Because any person learn programming in English , But it is cool to learn languages make u close to him