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How To Be Pro And Get That Pro Border Around My Profile !?!

I Am Really Willing To Be A Pro!!!

3/1/2019 8:00:30 PM

Jason M. Azizi

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Buy it 😜 Go to setting Sololearnpro Then Pay For Monthly Or Annual


Check Out My Picture Post About Pro!!! ⬆️⬆️⬆️



Just do this: Code, code and code more!


Pay for the App.


uMn Noor You'll be able to set a Daily learning goal for yourself You'll see Personalized activity insights and your standing within the community You'll be able to see people who have viewed your profile You'll be able to see who's leaning nearby You won't experience any ads


Thank you ⚜️JTLZ⚜️[#Never Give Up!]


You can have look on three type of pros- 1.By skill (For becoming this you need to invest in learning more and more) 2.By tag and skill - They are actually good and have invested their time and money on profile. 3.By tag-They have invested money on their profile and are ready to learn things


You need get the SoloLearn premium, pro subscription.


What is the benefits of becoming a pro


Engage with sololearn as you can through what you can