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Just wanna ask

So....before i started learning about some programing language i often thinking about mr robot or elliot alderson because i just want to be like him ( i mean the power of mind and how he thinks,not that drugs and thing) is it possible to be like him and... what is his ability and how to get it lol if you asnwered you really made my day

2/25/2019 1:56:58 PM


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There are several reasons why we "normal people" cannot learn to be as good as him in short period of time. Some mental disorders allow you to learn much quicker, see patterns when normal people cannot, but you pay for that with your social ability. If you wanna be a good "hacker" (sololearn spoiled this term for me xd) I just recommend not thinking on how to learn it, just dive right in. Learn networking, from its very foundaments, then you can learn to code/use tools. To sum up, it's really hard to be half as good as him, but you can try by just learning.


so....is it posible or imposible ?


and is it true,that hacker has to be expert at programing ? and is it important in “hacking activity” ?