Is a book important?

I have learnt programming for a while. However, my skilled has not propagated as I anticipated . My question is: In order to scale up my coding skill, do I need to get a book?What books are good for my learning process?

2/25/2019 12:53:30 AM


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Start with books in pdf form. There are several Python books online. Then maybe go to Amazon for some more variety.


"Automate the boring stuff" is not a tutorial, but a practical guide to solve some real world problems (use regex to scan a PDF file for valid phone numbers etc.). Even if you're never going to use a specific pattern from the book, it still teaches you a lot. It's all about identifying a problem, thinking of ways to solve it and implementing your ideas. That's a process that no book and no tutorial can do for you


Programming books are theory, you have to practice the code you learn to become knowledgeable in the language, make projects, help other solve problems, help others with projects, practice and coding is only way you will be sucessful


I'm glad you like that book, Anna, because it's on my radar, along with several other Python and JavaScript books.


The only way to level up is to start coding. You learn by example. Start with a simple project or even just a script. Goodluck coding!


I haven't really used books before - Just online reference material, tutorials, and official documentation should usually suffice. I find interactive courses such as the ones provided here in SL to be much more effective as a guide compared to books.


I prefer a well-written book for learning, because usually they treat their topics in a more structured and thorough way. For patching up holes quickly, I add online sources. Many people seem to do well with online material alone, but for me it's not enough. For example I wouldn't have learned a lot with only the SoloLearn tutorial, because they touch everything only very briefly. Also reading online articles, often it ends just when it was getting interesting.


So, do i need to pick up a book?


Yes a book would be handy. Just make sure you get an updated one.


My friend gave me a book whose title is"Automate boring stuff with Python", However, I did not learn any new algorithm or something really useful from the book. Should I stop reading it?