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How to stay motivated?

Hi everyone, I have a question. I've started to take some courses on programming languages two years ago and I still do to this days. However, I can't focus on one programming language - there's always a new source to learn and try to code something different. I mean, I'm the kind of person who would likely try to solve the problem by saying things like "uh, oh, that's too hard for me to understand. I need to take more time to understand the material," and puts the problem in a big pile of unfinished things. and when i find a decent free time to learn coding, i simply forget 60 per cent of what I was doing the last time and trying to read something helpful from my notes, but it's slightly hard to figure out what I was doing the last coding time. So guys, I need some advice from you. I guess, the question in the title is a little bit wrong. The right question is - how to make the right schedule for your coding and learning?

2/24/2019 11:32:12 PM

Luka Timofeev

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Ah, so you are looking for this, eh? You even sound like you have the same issues as OP: