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About legendary coders

I’m interested in the history of programming recently, with a focus on incredible coders. Including stimulative (sometimes strange or weird) episodes, their stories are interesting as readings. Anyway, I’m gathering the articles about legendary coders. Would you please put up here?😋

2/24/2019 1:42:57 AM


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This is one of my collections. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasir_Gebelli




@sumito_hz Grace Hopper, Dorothy Vaughan, Margaret Hamilton, maybe ? :)


@SpaceNerd It's cool! They are incredible women programmers! I like all of them! Thanks!


sumito_hz you're welcome :) I've got two others: Ken Thompson, who created the B language, and Dennis Ritchie, who created the C language. Together, they created the UNIX operating system