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Front end Developer (Help me please)

I want to be Front end Developer. I am reading Html, Css and Javascript from Mark Meyers`s books. These is finished and I want to practice. Please say me. Where I'll learn and practice now from? Thanks every time.

2/22/2019 6:53:54 PM

Bahram Ismayilov

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At beginning, try this : "My Blog Project" Template in Sololearn HTML course Later, try these: 10 Javascript Mini-Projects by Mitali


Try Sololearn's Coding Challenges.


For front end web development you would most likely need to pick up php and get really familiar with css. Go to different coding sites to see what they can offer with design and effectiveness in website layouts as well.


try to create simple website view. search on the google for "simple website templates".. look and create exactly same web pages will help you deeply understand consepts... Good Luck :) do not stop


Yea you get Kryptix right, try and


why did those links not turn blue???☝