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Can we beat the big dogs in the market

Hello guys, I am a freelancer coder and I work on various projects. I do have a company which is still at its early stages of development. However I'm very worried guys, there are times when I feel like to build an app and make my business 100% centered on that app like how facebook , insta and Youtube started but the big players of the market have the best programmers and designers. Will we beat them or its just good to give them all our projects and let them help us than trying to compete with them

2/20/2019 5:26:14 PM

Karuma Tendai

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To beat them, you need a unique idea. You can't do something like they did and expect everyone to switch to your app. Snapchat and Tictok have done a great job competing with Facebook because they provided things kids wanted. My daughter uses both apps daily and seldom bothers with Facebook, plus never used Instagram or Twitter.


MySpace was the big dog a while ago... now its trash. Things can change very quickly.


In programming, your imagination is everything that matters... make something that will attract people's attention, and you will be succesfull!


One line of thought you may find helpful: Make something you yourself would want to use. There was an angel investor in the UK who told me a strategy he employed in his life, and I told him how he could turn it into a service and a site. He already had the concept for addressing something, just never occurred to him to make a business out of it.


You don't need to compete with them. Instead of that, you can work with them. There are many apps or solutions that have been adquired by the "Big Dogs", as you say, that were developed by StartUps like yours. You can also create a great app or solution in other areas they are not interested in. "Successful people work hard for their good luck-Brad Larsen".


Beating the big dogs is not easy. If you can't beat 'em join 'em.


We can beat the big dogs for sure. Believe in yourself and try to engage in many exercises as possible that build your programming skills.


What exactly does "beating them" mean for you? Why is it important? It is quite common for startups to be founded with the main goal of becoming acquired by a larger company. This could suit you or it could not. This approach is not a requirement to get into business. Some big companies have great staying power. When Facebook and YouTube were getting started, Microsoft was already big. They belong to different generations and seem to coexist just fine. Maybe focus on being one of the big guys in the next generation of apps. Don't focus so much on what these other guys are doing. Focus on what you bring to the table. Raise the child first, instill it with good values, and worry about who they end up dating and marrying later. If you've done a good job, chances are they will end up fine.


You always have to ask yourself: what's the next big thing they are missing? Choose a strong concept, start developing and stick to it no matter what until your reach the top and have a solid project. That's basically what the big dogs did.


Thank you very much guys. It does seem like a long n tough journey to make it


Thank you ver much. That is really a good idea i guess


This is an ideia: start a secret group with programmers and make this group democratic. The group need rules, like everything. Meetings 1 or 2 a month to define who is helpful to the projects a, b, c. Everybody can show projects at this group, but a subgroup of eatch project approved will be created, to organize. This will keep u with a confiable team after some time.