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Learning C# from scratch

Hello Fellow coders, I'm a total newbie to C# and I would like to learn it from scratch. This app seems to be an excellent platform, so along with this, what all books will you recommend? Furthermore, if I want to do coding on my own, what all should be the pre-requisites my laptop be having?? Thanks, and happy coding!


1/14/2017 3:52:16 AM

Sreekanth Sudhakaran

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hi! laptop doesnt need to be powerful at all. all depends on what you want your program to do. as for books not sure. someone else will help with that for sure! good luck!


hi, you just need a laptop that can run visual studio andcheck videos on YouTube


Thanks Sheria and Jay!!


I'm also new to C# as well, been doing it for a week now. I would say use Visual Studio to do your coding in, and if your learning it alone(I'm doing it alone too) you can find free online courses to start with and Youtube alongside will help.


Thanks Bandit!!!