Is it possible to become a software developer without going to university?

Hi. I would say I’m really at the start of my journey. Just completed HTML fundamentals. I want to ask if at possible with independent study to become a software developer? If so what would you advise the best approach? Including courses on the app and anything outside of this. I am lucky that in my workplace we have opportunities to do an apprenticeship in software development so I’m thinking really this is the best way in? However I want to expand my learning independently rather than just focussing on one particular element. Any advise for a newbie would be much appreciated.

2/12/2019 7:36:43 AM


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Hello Nival , of course you can be a software developer by yourself, just learn the languages needed for that. This code may help you to choose the programming language https://code.sololearn.com/Wukw9beaMo55/?ref=app and this website got a lot of free PDF books about programming languages : www.goalkicker.com Good luck 🍀🍀


Check out ThisOne! 👍😉 • Are You Sure You Need That Expensive Degree? https://medium.com/sololearn/are-you-sure-you-need-that-expensive-degree-d4231be6c359


Yes some people are self taught. They use online resources which may include some Sololearn as well. Others go to technical colleges which are not universities. For some freelance developers, it is their portfolio of past projects that count rather than their university degree. However there are some roles for which university degrees including higher degrees are sought by employers.


Its possible yes. And if you like it you will probably become better than an educated student. Education in uni is advantage yes, but you can avoid it and save money, time etc. Its hard to do it but if you love programming will love you back.


I know someone that became a developer from making a resume, and his resume was github and courses he did online from coursera, edx, other sources, when he was getting interview he passed by understanding C language and java, thats what they were looking for.


thanks so much. its good to know others can do it. i really am determined to male this work no matter how long it takes


I'm a software programmer and I got my BA in Political Science heh


yes it is possible if you are aware and having some experience in front end and back end development you will easily get job in IT and Moreover the IT COMPANY will provides you the masters degree as per your job and eligibility and ability


Yes....according to me ...this(sololearn) is the best platform you could get...here you could learn developing in any of your languages freely..... I am also enjoying the services of this app...



Definitely you dont need to go to University to become a developer. Everything is now online