What is the simplest way to create Android applications?

I heard about a lot of tools to create Android apps. What are the simplest to learn and to use?

2/8/2019 11:45:38 AM


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MUKUL AGARWAL how can we use python to build Android apps? 🤔


Use java...or go for react(best for making apps for both iOS and Android), if u r good at JavaScript..


you can use those apps that let you make simple apps for absolute beginners but I think instead of easy if you actually build up your foundation by learning java or another app making language and get acquainted with Android Studio then making apps would be simple in the long term for you!


If you want to develop Android apps in Windows then download Android studio IDE and SDK tools, Java setup (Java SE development kit) and also an Android phone to test and debug the app. Hope this helps🙂




I don't think there's a simple way... I like Android studio though


You Can use react to build apps for android and iOS. You can use visual studio and link code to android studio and x code, make the app for both platforms, and react is not hard to learn if your good with js. theirs other frame work like flutter/ dart, ionic released4 ,Cordova, beside that use java /kotlin


Hicham BOURHIL using kivy module, using pygame for example.


If you know some basic frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, little bit JavaScript then there is a most simplest way to create Android Apps Using IONIC Framework... Although you will need bit knowledge of AngularJs. But the best advantage of using IONIC Framework is that you can create apps on all three OS platforms Android, iOS and windows apps, with just one code. Just one code is sufficient for the all three OS platforms. For more details just check out the link https://ionicframework.com/ This is the best way to avoid the giant tornado of Java, SDK, Android studio. If you want to say thanks to me then... Opps sorry i don't accept Thanks.


Dart 2, with Flutter. Dart is the language of google, very easy to learn and make amazing apps, and with angular is an excellent web server.


if you want make a guide you can use Unity


Learn java


SCHOOL and my WORLD How can I create Android app through HTML, CSS and JavaScript?


Dart is very easy to learn


Learn Java For a Android app development


Diptirani Sahu A simple Google search gives you many answers. You can from using a WebView in android studio, to using React Native, or many other methods that exist.


STENCYL is ideal for learning, unity and UE4 provide you with tools to get up and running, or visualStudio / IDE based programs that allow you to start from scratch.


you have to learn android programming... you can find free courses on https://www.discudemy.com/category/android ;)


By getting trained through learn to code play SoloLearn, as an excellent opportunity & medium to learn the skills of software programming languages core codes, & is a excellent resource - platform to develop android applications. + several others new programming languages being found after 2018 & new year 2019. Contains simplest software techniques & applications. + guidance for users (clients). 😑


Use unity it is easy for beginners