What's wrong!

Work in computer. https://code.sololearn.com/clUgzhSJtjfq/?ref=app

2/4/2019 11:39:17 AM

Satnam Singh

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After removing invisible characters & extra spaces the code was working good. U can see invisible characters & extra spaces by pasting link to code in google, then those invisible charcters will be visible(in tab/mobile also) & you can remove them to make your program run.👍


No i don't copy this code ... Bcoz i haven't pc. And my bro have pc.


Did you copy paste it from somewhere? There are alot of stray '\240' characters in the program where spaces should be, they don't appear to be visible on the mobile version, but they appear as pink squares on the pc version.


Here is your answer #include <stdio.h> int main() { int x = 1; while (x<=10) { printf("%d ",x); x++; } return 0; }


what's wrong with it? recursive print function that prints numbers from n to 0 void print(int n) { if (n < 0) break; printf("%d", n); print(n - 1); }