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How to develop programming skill?

How do i strong my programming skill ..actually i understand each and every line of almost every program but when it comes to writing a program i fails..why and pls suggest some websites too.

2/4/2019 7:38:54 AM


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Practice Ensuring Quality in every line of code, algorithm, structures, data management, and programs. Where do I practice? - Everywhere I discover opportunity. Reviewing / improving other people’s code from the smallest snippet to massive examples like Epic Games, etc. that allow you to study their game coding.


Hi Rizwi! There are a lot of great advices here already. Expressing my personal opinion, I can say for sure that, like with any other skill, PRACTICE is the main key to success here. I faced everything you’re currently facing: I knew a lot but theoretically. Every time when it came to applying my knowledge to real projects (even the smallest ones), I couldn’t write a single line. It’s not surprising: you have to get used to it. Let’s look at another example, in this case identical to programming - photography. You can take a lot of courses, learn how to expose properly, how to make great compositions and how to manage white balance. But if you don’t combine this knowledge with practice, you won’t get anywhere: you have to FEEL it, to make MISTAKES. by practicing you can grasp complex concepts much easier and, therefore, faster as you’re always getting feedback: from your photos and camera (in photography) and from your programs’ output and machine (in prgramming). Programming is a very complex and interesting skill. To master it, you have to write code EVERY day. Don’t stress too much on your projects’ size: start with 5-min programs and slowly move to harder ones. Make this a daily habit and you won’t even notice how your proficiency significantly increases with each day, week, month. Finally, I’d like to contribute to the list of online services for practicing: 1. HackerRank - absolutely amazing website offering a lot of challenges for different programming languages. 2. CodinGame - if you’re into game development, it’s a great way to combine learning with fun. Here you will learn new concepts by programming games! 3. GeeksForGeeks - here you can find some challenges (like multiple-answer questions) and practice on your own, without any tests. Hope this’ll help. And remember the main thing in learning programming - always have fun and don’t doubt that you can solve anything - just give enough time!


Depending on what you want to code, there are various examples to improve your skill level. One way would be to look for beginner challenges on the web, and try to solve them, while progressing to harder ones over the time. Also being able to turn your project ideas or things you want to be able to code into reality is a good way to move onward, after learning the basics. In your case it seems like you have already a basic understanding on what is going on, so the next step could be replicating a program/website on your own. After some time you will improve and build onto your skill level, allowing you to write better/more complex applications.


You must pay attention to syntaxes details and develop a logical thinking. You can practice on: SoloLearn challenges There's lots of websites with coding challenges.


Practice practice and more Practice...........


You need to practice writing code. The more code you write, the easier it becomes.


Practice is essential for any activity. Sololearn is a good platform to improve your skill .so you try these things 👇 ⏺️ participate in sololearn contests , assaignments etc.. ⏺️ Challenge every day ⏺️find bugs in other's codes ⏺️Convert your ideas into codes 😀


Don't give up, the beginning is always hardest.


Main thing is understand logic of a program.Then analyse then do coding then execute.when you got the output analyse output try with different inputs.Love the programming keep practice .


Practice is the only key. If you want to be good in programming


What do you mean saying that "you fail"? Begin with simple code statements and go step by step to more complicated, learning how to write with the correct syntax and logic from your mistakes. It is not possible to write code from the beginning without mistakes. You can not climb Everest at once!


You can practice with coding challenges here in Sololearn, Codewars, and other platforms.


Practice by writing codes! And most of all don’t give up! 😀Good luck!


start . practicing alot some wesites where u can enhance your coding skill -sololearn challenge


practice makes you perfect. even if you dont get it initially. you will get it eventually so keep practicing and pay attention to every little details


Sanusi Akorede You are not answering this question. So please I kindly ask you to remove your post. Thanks.


That's true Ken Bra I think we all should make manual in easy way to understand the programming languages.


Thnx buddy.. but i find the challenges in sololearn is little tough for me so first going on basic then these..👍


You must first try to start building small programs and try that you don't take help until it is over your thinking limit , you must not care about how much time you took for it .


Programming skills can be built by oneself on hard pratice, one must never neglect ones it has been understood(any concept or logic). Programming is never ending process, the more you think the mire you gain cobfidence in coding. And one must avoid cut pasting of even a basic part. On practicing verity of problems logic will be automatically developed by oneself.