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Advanced c++ projects

What are some advanced c++ projects that would require me to use more than the basic and do some actual problem solving? Edit: I know I'm always asking for projects, but most of the projects I find are either basic projects that require knowledge about the basics of any language, way too advanced for me, or projects that I can't use on my old slow laptop. So this time, I'm asking for gui projects or console projects.

1/31/2019 2:03:50 AM

Daniel Cooper

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Start from simple, a window to do software. Once you have the windows software that running fine on the desktop. Try to build dB system to persist the to do data. Next, add authentication layer before auth users can access the data. Finally, add a web layer where you could store the data on BaaS cloud service, like Firebase, Mlab, through rest api.


Build a GUI app


I've probably said this, but You've tried CodeWars yet? Because they have like, 8 different levels of difficulty, endless different katas, so you can't possibly get stuck in an awkward position of looking at stuff either too easy or too hard.


Calviղ Thank you so much. If you have any other ideas, feel free to drop them here. But this should be fine for now.


Calviղ But like, what specifically should I build? Got any ideas? Just like, list off a bunch of specific ideas. What should the program do? Sorry if I'm asking too much lul


Try these: Specifically, try some of the online judge sites near the bottom, maybe even Project Euler if you like math codes.