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A basic python question (exceptions)

Hello all, I am trying to add an error so that no one will use a number for my input. How do I complete this program? Thank You!!! name =input("What is your name?") print("Hello", name) except IOError: print("An error has occurred")

1/30/2019 9:41:59 PM

Markie Alicia

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Except keyword means you have a try keyword. So, write : try: name = input() print("Hello", name) except IOError: print("Error")


just do name = str(input(“What is your name?”))


Make sure to catch the right exception. An input will probably never raise an IOError (which means that a file can't be read or the disk is full) and was replaced by OSError in some python 3.x version. Also, watch your indentation. Line 3 must not be indented whereas line 4 has to be indented


Try it with try statment. try: some code except IOError: other code