How to know if you ready?

How do you know if you are ready to take a programming job and be good on it? How long does it take person to be considered a best programmer?

1/20/2019 5:33:38 PM

April Mahlatsi Motaung

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April Mahlatsi Motaung its all depends on confidence which came after making so many projects and solving so many tasks and various programming problems. So once you are ready to do all that projects and you can implement unique and creative logics then you can think to be work in any company. Because an company wants from candidates to have problem solving skills and making logics and algorithms for particular given problem set if you have build that skills they will recuruit you and trained you according to their needs.


Along with that, something I’ve noticed as common in many internship descriptions for programming is a good knowledge in data structures and algorithms. They have tons of resources for interview questions online as well. Sites like Leetcode, HackerRank, Project Euler, CodeSignal and tons more focus on providing problems to solve and interview questions.