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Why is it that they say that coding is a new language?

Why do people say coding is a new language its just codes from english i now they look like something new. How do we know what we are doing?

1/19/2019 9:11:39 PM

Daniel Vazquez

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well thanks


Learning to code is like learning a new language, because there is a whole new grammar you have to learn. Even though the words often look like regular English words. Every programming language has his own set of grammar rules.


Coding indeed is somewhat like a new language. In the start you have to learn a lot of (key)words and rules about the language, then you have to learn when to use which word (like grammar) and after that you can get better by practising with that lanugage a lot. We know what we're doing works like this : I have an idea. I start imagining (or writing down) the basic concept of the code. Then I start implement it. And last I try debugging/improving the code. It's almost the same as with languages: I have a scentence (Help me om de error te fixen alsjeblieft) I know the english words (concept) (Help me to the error to find please) Then I start implementing basic grammer (Help me please find the error) Then I improve the scentence for a bit (Please help me to fix the error)