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I'm new in web world, I'm confused and I do not know where to go and what he chose?! There are many frameworks and magazine but I searched before and I got the frameworks: 1- Ruby On Rails 2- Laravel 3- AngularJS 4- NodeJS 5- ASP.NET Magazine: 1- WordPress 2- Joomla I don't know which of them is the best in the work and for job ? And I didn't really understand the differences between them, What are the tools to working with any of these framework? All of these framework need to HTML, CSS, JavaScrip and PHP? All of these framework support (MVC)? Please help me!

1/13/2019 10:31:26 AM

Mohammad Ameen Mahmoud Khalkhali

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Ruby on Rails -> Ruby Laravel -> PHP NodeJS -> Javascript Asp.Net -> C# These are used to work with the server, handle requests and stuff like that. It is recommended that you already know HTML and CSS before checking these frameworks (not all of them are frameworks tho). MVC is a design pattern and you should be able to implement it with all of them. AngularJS comes in help when you want to build single-page applications, I'm not that familiar with it so I can't help you further, of course you have to know HTML and CSS before jumping into it. WordPress and Joomla are CMS, you don't have to know how to code in order to use them, in fact they come with a built-in admin dashboard to easily manage the content of your website. However you can develop themes and plugins to extend their functionalities, for WordPress you should be familiar with PHP if you want to do that. As of now, WordPress is the most popular CMS out of there.


U should go slowly! 🐒 One step at a time...🐾 There is plenty to learn and it takes time to master a programming language and technology associated to it is evolving day after day. πŸ™ˆ Surely, you will be passionate about something on the way...πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ» Good luck! πŸ€


1/3 From my own experience, I can say that for web development you have the necessary knowledge of HTML, CSS, javaScript (including jQuery), as well as Bootstrap, even if you want to work on the server side (backend). Ruby on Rails, Lavarel for PHP, ASP.NET MVC - they all implement the MVC pattern. Therefore, this pattern also needs to be learned. Previously, MVC was a revolutionary way that the Ruby on Rails team of developers actively introduced into web development. That is why this platform has gained such popularity before. Later, all players in the web technology market took over this experience...


2/3 Nowadays, front-end javaScript frameworks providing new functionality are increasingly being developed, and the rules of the game are changing. Now, you can often find good web applications written in ReactJs, Angular (from the front end) and Web API (ASP.NET Web API, NodeJs) (from the backend). Does this mean that in the near future everyone will switch from MVC to Web API with good frontend frameworks, it's hard for me to say, we'll see. In short, you must constantly monitor the development of technology. According to CMS, they have their own niche (by the way, currently about 50% of all sites are made on Wordpress CMS), but these are mainly websites for blogs, online stores, portfolios, etc. Serious things are written differently ...


r f Regarding Server Side MVC vs RESTful + Single Page Applications (SPAs): In my experience, it's been years since I've been involved in a new MVC application built from the ground up. My typical development stack involves a RESTful API in NodeJS or ASP.NET WebAPI and ReactJS on the frontend. It was AngularJS prior to ReactJS being released several years ago. Also, it's not uncommon that the RESTful APIs we build support other frontend clients such as mobile apps and other service integrations.


3/3 My advice to you. Since the main goal (at least for most) is to make money from programming, look at the job offers on the labor market in your region, and understand what you need to choose to be necessary. And the fact that tomorrow, you will need to relearn (to learn a new technology), there is no doubt. This is the 21st century. Good luck.


Mohammad Ameen Mahmoud Khalkhali probably the author of the video said that you have to install NodeJS because you need NPM in order to install Angular, note that you can freely install Angular in some other way, as far as remember you can also include it with the CDN link. NodeJS is what I said earlier, when you install it you get NPM too and this is just a package manager that lets you install some JS packages, frameworks and more.


r f You provide some great information as always. I just had a few additional thoughts to add from a different perspective. Regarding MVC: Ruby on Rails did popularize and simplify MVC with mainstream web developers with its easy to use scaffolding tools and its convention over configuration approach to building websites. However, MVC had already been common practice and highly adopted among the enterprise development community for several years prior to Ruby on Rails. It really wasn't revolutionary as described. However, did Ruby make it trendy somehow for those not already familiar with the pattern. πŸ€“


CDN = Content Delivery Network They are like hubs for rehosting frequently requested resources so not everyone is reaching all the way across the world and bombarding one server with all their requests. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_delivery_network NPM is a package manager. When software that a bunch of different projects rely (depend) on gets updated, it helps with figuring out breaking changes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Npm_(software)#Usage


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Node.js a runtime compiler for javascript all this for the server side some backend frameworks are expressjs or nestjs while that angular is a javascript framework for using components, CSS HTML and javascript for frontend This is an example of the use of nestjs and angular like frameworks of banckend and frontend respectively check it. https://gitlab.com/crisjc/gestion-edificios


r f Maz Thank you very much for your answers and suggestions :)


Start with checking what languages pay for work like react js, angular js, or node js and jump into it and start learning


Markpeach96 What do you mean by: "Start with checking what [languages pay] for work like react js, angular js, or node js..." Did you mean to say which are in more demand or which pay the most?


Excuse me what is differences between AngularJS and Node.JS? I watched previously video how to download and install AngularJS the first step must be downloaded and installed Node.JS! So What is Node.JS? r f


Good, OK what are NPM & CDN ?? Maz


H3lp with c++