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Is it possible for C to be replace in the future?

I was just curious as soon as i read "is java dying", what will be the faith of lang like C in the future?. And if it will still be relevant what will make it relevant?

1/12/2019 8:39:06 AM


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Well C language got a big future and you are talking about it's death. C is part of OS and hardwares. Microcontrollers are totally dependent on C..... BTW after your question I am little bit afraid, so I searched on Google . Edit : That question on quora is about 2 years old, but those answers made me brave.


C can only die when computers, calculators, turbine engines, microcontrollers, remote control, camera lens, and other interfacing equipments have all died. But since these is not bound to happen, C cannor die...


Vitamin C defiency is called scurvy. I like Rust. It very tight programming language that doesnt allow you to do a mistake. The compiler is crying for everything, but once you get rid of all errors/warnings, your code is bullet proof, atomic bomb proof.


Thanks Raj Chhatrala☑️ i really enjoy the read


A lot of languages have disappeared in the past due to limited usage and supported hardware breaking down or replaced. It will likely happen to every language we know today once AI programming can take our natual language and generate optimized machine code. I originally (1973) expected this to be available by 2023, but I'm shocked we have failed to get there by now, given how long voice recognition has been available. It is coming as speech recognition devices become part of our everyday usage.


C is still trending since most programs(both hardware and software ) are written in C .


I think no because C is a mother of all languages...Our operating system made on this language. And I heard that Apple also use C language


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C has been here long before many of us were here and without doubt it would still be here when all of us have gone. Getting another language to beat and outrun C, Pure C and native C will mean creating new generation of hardware chipsets and devices of different modules, but as of this stand, season and time, many of these things respond only to C, OS Kernel and camera lens driver for instance and micro controllers all speak and hear C, not even C++ despite their close relationship I am not saying C++ can't do such tasks but C is better suited for many of them for it speed, so it is still safe to believe C is going no where not any time soon


hi Asterisk, C will continue to evolve in the future. B and BCPL evolved into C. Now there are already many dialects of C, objecttive c, C sharp, and C++. each of these versions of C solve new problems in computer science. Who knows in the future, C may evolve into D, but it will be a gradual process not a death. Other computer languages such as pearl or Python are heavily based on C syntax


To answer no c is going to be around a whole lot longer


Well, I think no because C is the base of many other languages for example Java is based on C & Android is based on Java like this there are many chains also If you learn C programming properly you can learn many other programming languages easily in less time So, C is like a investment to learn other languages therefore even C is not used in developing programs but it can be used in base of learning other languages........


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Well, every language has it's own uses. C is the most popular language when it comes to desktop applications, microcontrollers and OS. I think no other language can replace C due to it's high compilation speed which is highly needed in OS and microcontrollers. So currently there is no such language which can compete with C with it's compilation speed.


I don't think so bcoz it contains some basic information which are needed for other languages. It is used in various purposes like website programming using CGI as gateway for information between web application. And also used for system programming in implementation of o.s and embedded system application. So it is impossible to replace such language which are used in great extent.


Sudipta Pramanik It is not clear how your post is topical. Please repost in your Activity Feed. Now, back on topic... I'm getting a reading from my crystal 8 ball: C will be around for awhile. Your future divination request has been processed. Have a wonderful day.


may be Rust can do 😹😹😹


David Lamptey Jr. C may die, but it is still years or decades off. It will be one of the last to vanish due to it's importance to embedded processing.


Thanks, David Carroll 🙂


I think its still possible for C to die.... It doesn't have to be soon but its still possible, though only when a new language more efficient replaces it in those parts i.e. microcontroller, OS...etc.