Are we able to learn just basics or does this app teach everything possible?

I wish to be a pentester and want to learn as much coding as possible. How do these courses rank against college courses? Would we be able to get full certs from what we learn here?

1/11/2019 5:48:20 AM

Sarra Rohr

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Hi Sarra Rohr 🙂 The courses here are a gentle start for beginners. But participating in good discussions and following the posts from good programmers we can have clear milestones set up for studies and go advanced. Challenges here keep us in shape both timed and from fellow sololearners. what I observed is writing public codes on code playground is really beneficial, we get awesome feedbacks from community to improve ourselves. I am a CS graduate, and these courses are mere preface pages when compared to college courses but I would prefer the sololearn way, it's gentle and helps build that strong foundation based on your interests. There are many pentesting posts in sololearn, few searches might help. If you can't find anything relevant then please reply in this thread, we ll try to find some good posts for you.


I am not a professional developer and I am still an independent student (and I always will be 😎) but I agree with Morpheus that SoloLearn is a gentle start for beginners. I can also see SoloLearn being helpful for more intermediate students wanting to brush up using the lessons or challenges and for experienced programmers learning a new language or topic. Even though I'm still a newbie, I think that it may be the case that the only one thing that can teach you "everything" is hands on experience on the job. But to get up to that point, whether you are a college student, or someone learning on their own, I think that you will likely always be digging for information to fill in gaps. But ironically, the internet is so great for that! Personally, I use the lessons and challenges to introduce me to things and if I don't understand something after playing with the code a bit, I use Google, YouTube, and I have a couple of books. If I'm stuck , I'll try the forum.


You'll learn just some basics on SoloLearn and will have to use also other sources. Anyway, it's a good start. 😃 You'll get a certificate after completing a course. Not sure though how much it counts in real life...


I'm aspiring to become an app developer but i wanna start lessons with solo learn. What language would you recommend i learn first?


Oluwakemi This will make a great question on its own. You should post it in the forum so you get as many answers as the question deserves 😁 You will likely get many different answers but I suspect JavaScript and Python will be the most common answers. Just a guess.


If it helps: I have to say that college courses vs sololearn courses its a draw. Both are good. I m second year active in sololearn and i m still learning new things here. So, its a good choice i think.


As DumbledoresAmy has mentioned, it is a good idea to use SL in addition to other sources. what id like to add is that the courses in SL gives you the big picture which is important when learning any subject.So its a good idea to note all the subjects you will be taking prior to starting any lesson as shown in the lesson plan. I prefer using SL as a way to test myself and sometimes fill in the gaps as i learn from various sources.


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However the first sparks that appear as you start learning the basics are responsible for you feeling like a pro after a course or two finished and few lines of code written which makes sololearn your greatest inspiration when you step into the programming world


Hey guys, well SL may not exhaust all necessities to meet ones expectations with coding, but i rate it a five star for a great work it is doing to us with interest in professional programming. I guess no site i as convenient as SL. If there is, then let me know. However, just concentrate and analyse, afterwards, appreciate whatever you call elementary programming knowledge you have collected from this site as a useful milestone before aiming higher. #educationisagradualprocess