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Why are people following me?

Seriously, I suck on here:) I have given a ton of quiz points to whoever plays me on python; mainly because I am terrible and refuse to say no. I stopped and went to sql which seems way easier, but too short. I have not contributed to the forum, answered a question etc; yet I have something like 4 followers? Am I missing something? Also, hi:)

1/11/2017 6:42:28 PM

Donny Fields

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Some people follow you because they want you to follow them back. It might just give people popularity on Sololearn to follow people. "Oh look at that person that started following me! I'm going to upvote all their codes!"




followers follow because following is what they know?😵


I have 800 followers & still don't understand why are they do it) Fun to see it)


followers follow you because they like what you po add t


Hey caleb, I just answered one of your posts without realizing you were the one commenting here. you are everywhere my friend. so I shall follow you. never mind you look to be 30 years to younger than me:) I am not ashamed of my ignorance.