Do I need a very powerful PC for developing basic Machine Learning projects?

What hardware is recommended for introductory-level machine learning projects? I don't want to use Amazon Web Services.

1/10/2019 6:28:55 PM

Evan DeVizio

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A computer with a decent GPU is more than enough for Machine Learning As Machine learning mostly involves matrix maths (for which GPUs are optimized for to Handel matrix based graphics) you can make more than introductory level codes I hope this will clear you doubt. Thank you


Now, I use only 2 smartphones (4 GB+64GB+128GB)to do everything with in-browser apps or connected with a powerful cloud account. And I'm not alone !


I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 100s, which I used throughout my AI class as part of my CompSc course. Definitely covers introductory level ML. Look up the specs and you'll probably be dumbfounded. Yes, most of what I've learned, I've learned on a device running on an Intel Atom processor with only 2Gb of RAM. People tend to have this misconception that you need a beefy computer to learn programming (and get involved with ML algorithms). It just isn't true. The specs that you stated in your post under this thread is pretty decent and will definitely suffice for your needs.


No you don't need powerful PC you need only good procesor


If you have to calculate large instances yes, but first reach this level (if you haven't yet) and after see what you need. Octacore cpu, ram 32gb or more and a strong gpu


Evan DeVizio No , CUDA is very powerful you don't need it unless you are planning for a brute force attack!!!!😉 You can make a simple ML program without a GPU installed... It's not CPU heavy unless it's too much complex


I have an Intel i5-6500 and a 4GB R9 380, but do I need a CUDA Nvidia GPU like 1080ti?