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Errors in challenges

Is it just me or some of the challenge questions are wrong today? Some of the entries are out of order and very simple questions are just wrong...

1/11/2017 6:04:34 PM

Karl T.

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Good news guys!!! I've just contacted with SoloLearn team and they fixed the problem. Happy challenging :)


Guys are you talking about "Challenges" section where you play with others or "Quiz factory" where you just rate? Recently I saw many people complaining about the quality of challenges in Rate section, but I guess they don't know that those challenges are not published yet.


Perhaps we all should just take the day off from challenges. Since it seems to be a major problem


I answered a Python challenge just a few minutes ago 5/5 and verified my answers with a Google search to be sure. (Though I don't need it, since I have PLENTY of experience with the language). Guess what I got for a score: 2/5 😬😬😬


Most apps have down time for maintenance. When has Sololearn ever gone down just for a bit of maintenance? Even if it is just a server restart.


I agree, SoloLearn has many problems…


I mean just today....questions involving putting the right type of variables in front gave false results. I never get those questions wrong and most people don't either...


It might be a problem with their server validating answers.


@Lana, we're talking about the challenges. Again I tried some more and all the "rearrange the lines" in c++ were all wrong.


Thank you Lana!


ValentinHacker: You liked my question because you agree or just for fun?


Today was bad in Java with the rearrange the lines ones. Which is odd as we mere users lack input in that format. I've no idea how this site earns money but it was feeling like they were farming us as I lost points.


I confirm it's fixed :)


SoloLearn is excellent but has much to improve.


I also felt like some were but can't be sure cus I wasn't too certain about them



bello haw are you


the most of the quizzes are submitted by the peps like you N me... based upon the like of peps like you N me they get into challenges...they may contain errors...but the probability of that is very small