What can I do with Java after learning it?? Other than Android development?

Looking at the next 15-20 years, what is the future of this language?? Is it a dying language or it can be useful for next 20 years. I want to know....

1/9/2019 1:08:11 PM

Ayush Sinha

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Java is not dying, java is the most powerful language last 15 years. Java is oop, you can use it also as functional. Java has the most support and libraries. With java you can make graphics, games, AI, Machine learning projects. Java is the most wanted outthere for jobs. Its a bit difficult for beginners but recommended in my opinion. You need at least 2 years of full time coding to learn java. After that, you need 2 years more to learn graphics with java. You can avoid graphics of course if you dont need them. The steps to master java are: 1. Find a good e-book for java and start reading. 2. Download a java ide, netbeans, intellij, eclipse etc and start code the book examples. 3. Start to solve your problems, imagine a problem and solve it. Sololearn has many examples to solve. 4.Save your codes as portfolio and try to code everyday even if its 10 minutes per day. 5. When you finish the first book, find another more advanced and start again from step 1. 6. Dont forget to use your weapons: internet.


Java’s presence is everywhere and in every technology such as supercomputers, gaming console, mobile phones etc. and when it comes to using java in the services like banking services, big data solutions, financial services, stock market, retail, scientific & research community and even used in the Android phone for the application to be written in or for its API to use.Java is a tool, helping to implement lots of computer science fundamentals. In computer science domain - Future is not any language. It’s all about the data models, algorithms, patterns, intuition and maths.


• 10 Tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2019! ;) https://dzone.com/articles/10-tools-java-developers-should-learn-in-2019


Java is everywhere. you can develop Java GUI (desktop application) as platform independent, Java is also used in Web technologies Like JSP and its powerful frameworks Like(spring, Hibernate, Maven, Jdb etc..) One can create Application for Windows os, MAC os and for others also.. Upvote for help Others



You can develop different applications using java such as: - Android - Web - Desktop - Games and so much more.


➝ Choosing the right path purely based on your interest.😊👍 • Advance Java In advance java, you will learn important concepts like: Java Servlets, JSPs, Java Mail API, Socket Programming in Java, Database connectivity, Struts, Hibernate, J2EE. This will be your next step as advanced programmer in Java language. ** Java Vs Android ** https://www.quora.com/Should-I-go-for-Android-or-advance-Java-after-learning-core-Java


You can also create java powerd web application using JSP, there are lot of frameworks available spring MVC framework, Hibernate etc


r f 👍😊 Programming always has a perspective, there are a large number of programming languages ​​waiting to use their potential! ❄☃🏂☃❄ So, we can always find something for ourselves and choose where we want to continue. 😉🍻


About everything except creating operating systems of course for obvious reasons


Java frames


It can be anything but a dying language.


My current job is Java server side development. Get up to speed on frameworks like Spring and there is plenty of work out there.


You can make apps like Minecraft. Minecraft was coded in Java


I use it for UI testing, with Selenium and TestNG. Apart from native development you can do a lot with it, like back end web development and desktop applications.


Thank you so much guys. For helping me. 😄😄😄


r f Necessity is the mother of all invention including in the case of Java also. if Oracle stop providing free JDK then any Other technologies definitely takes place of Jave. Hope it Helps..


U can use to develop computer applications,games etc.


Everything except creating operating systems of course for certain reasons


Java Language is the best language. Java is not dying