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Link of Gold Badge...

Hello, I try to do a code with image of Gold badge/statut, but I'm on tablet, so impossible to watch source code. I found this link for the image : But I think than it's not "clear", I need the "official" link like this (if it's possible) : Thanks you.

1/8/2019 11:40:47 PM

IdkWhoIAm AI

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I think It's not possible to find the official picture of gold and Platinum status(Because I also searched but didn't find)!! Moreover these are not like badge! It's somewhat like a status. If want the source code of image which you have imbedded, use the link below! ➡"" But you can find the code of the gold or Platinum status if you search on code playground.


Thank for your link, Ill try to do with this one. Thank for your help.