Can we get a job without a degree?

I don't have a degree from a college but would like to work on computer field( like programming). So would I be able to do it without degree from a university.

1/11/2017 4:07:13 PM

Ram chandra Giri

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Absolutely Yes! You can get a good job without any degree but you must have a proper knowledge and skills. We have many examples from all around the world people with no degree or college dropouts who are leading various billion dollar companies. Great Einstein once said dat A SINGLE SHEET OF PAPER CANNOT DECIDE YOUR FUTURE! Soo just work on your skills instead and make it your power!


Thank you all for the feedback, the problem with me though is I would like a degree from university but I don't have enough money to study.


Thanks friends for your time i will try to implement as much as i can in my life. Only thing i know is i will do something in computer field, weather it be repairing computer or programming. Thanks again..


Yes, you may also try on networking. You have to follow and study MCSA from Microsoft, CCNA from Cisco. Follow CEH from Ec-Council, LPA, Network +, Security +, A+ from Comptia. Try to sit for their exams.


UPDATE: If the issue is money: 1. If you really want it, you will find a way. 2. If you really want it, you will do it with or without a degree. 3. Just remember that in any thing you want, you will have to pay the piper, in this case with time, dedication and real sacrifices. 4. People talk a good game about what they want, but the next day, when they have to put in work, the game is over. What's up with that?! If you want it, you will have it. It's all up to you and what your willing to give up! -bErN


I think you can get a job without a degree, if you take certification. Once you have years of experiences, your future employer won't mind whether you have degree or not.


thanks Raju sir it means a lot but i live in Palpa.


Actually you can get a job without a university degree, BUT it will be really hard and badly-paid. But you can a get a programming degree from websites like Udacity. Udacity is like sololearn but with a larger number of free courses and paid courses with a JOB GUARANTEE with big partners like Google, Samsung, Mercedes and much much more. Udacity has courses ranging from learning HTML to mobile development for android and iOS to VR development to self-driving cars!! So go check it out and you will thank me for this advice. BUT TAKING A UNIVERSITY DEGREE FIRST IS MORE IMPORTANT AND BETTER.


Yes. Try getting into the shoes of your desired employer. What does he want from you? The skills to get his job done + proof of past work. It need not be office exp, just have something to show . like you made an Android game by yourself watching tutorials on the internet, or you made a social networking site or anything that makes people say- I need you! And you don't necessarily need a degree to prove that you are capable , but for majority of the people this is how it works.


Try selling softwares online


yes if you publish your own game and then you might make enough money to be self employed Minecraft, fnaf and lots of other games were made this way


Of course, why not. u can get a good job without degree but it's hard. u must be best in ur field n perfect in skills. Degree ensures that u have ability but if u have ability dn no need of degree. Besides this, u have to prove urself in all area better dn a degree holder. There are many businessmen n scientists who r not graduated yet many educated people r working under them.


if you have the skill required for the job!


Yes it is possible but it is highly difficult, you might need to find people with connections so they can hook you up, but I suggest you get a college degree, it will make things easier


yeah.. 😀


You can get a jop without degree but not well.


I have a job without a degree. You have to have the passion for the technology, that will give you the right attitude. Attitude cannot be taught, but programming skills can.


if u know programming, just go for freelancing... it will help you to get a better job.


A degree without skills will left you quickly without the job. But doing a job with your skills without having a degree only means that people may (probably) feel tempted to challenge you quite more often while you do work... or to hire you on a lower wage. Having a positive attitude on acquiring and growing your skills, plus passion on what you do and then people will pay you while you enjoy your life. So what do you want? A degree? A job? Easy life? or to happy while enjoy being yourself? Same and safe job forever? I left college because on my case it was the best way to go. I have enjoyed all kind of jobs related with what I love to do, have travelled, known and helped many people... and still want more. Don't need an institution to tell me what can I be or do. I love to learn and to grow. Credentials? these are on my experience and achievements. If you are considering to look for a job without having a degree, first look inside of yourself and around you. Are you the kind of person that prefers others to talk about you, or the kind that creates his own? Are you in need of safety nets without the system, or a side-walker discovering new ways? Still need a degree? 😇


Yes, I think because there is an equal opportunity for everyone like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said " All of us do not have equal talent. But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents". By the way, Cybrary also offer free course but its certificate is paid one. But use its website for now because its app is still new and may have many bugs. Hope this helps. Thank you. :)