Error: Project is out of date!

I want to make a windows form aplication with C++ in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. But when i compile it (also simple consonle Hello World Programs have this error) I get an error saying: Project is out of date. Because of this i cant make any programs. (I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate) Can you help me? thanks if you reply!

1/10/2017 9:05:42 PM


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Hey there, googled this issue for you and found the below on a forum: What causes the "out of date" problem? The problem can be caused by incorrect or stale information in the *.tlog files. There are 3 main ways that can happen: 1) You built a project on your hard disk, and then moved the directory to another location...the "tlog" files recorded the paths of the old location, yet because you moved the files, they are no longer there, thus you get "out of date". 2) Your "Project" has references to files (usually header files), which do not exist at the location specified. This might occur if you deleted a file from your source control system, but forgot to remove it from your project, or because you refer to header files of a library which might be "installed"/present at a different location. Often, Developers assume files are located at the same "place" on everyones machine....not always the case! 3) You have done some "refactoring" of your project, and moved files around to different subdirectories, or even renamed them - so the paths/names of the files recorded in the "tlog" do not match what exists on your disk i.e. stale. What is the way to fix it? Doing a "Clean+Build" or "Rebuild" does not always fix it...as those operations do not delete the "tlog" files. So: delete any "tlog" files that you can find in your solution/project directories and rebuild. make sure your Project does not refer to non-existent files How do I work out which files are non-existent? If you want to know/find out exactly which files Visual Studio is thinking are out of date, then you can turn on some diagnostic information in Visual Studio....and watch the messages in DebugView...


@Daniel Stanciu First of all thank you for your time helping me! So i haven't moved ant files or projects so that is weird but i will try the solutions that you mentioned anyway. So thank you again and i hope it will work!


@Steyn No worries, let us know if and what worked! I'm sure there will be other people with the same problem that would appreciate it ☺️


@Daniel Stanciu I will :)